Robert Orzanna

I am interested in degrowth1, sustainable consumption2, optimised digital workspaces and the notion of the good life. For any of these, I am happy to talk to you and collaborate on projects. :-)

Write me an email3. If want to know more about me, read my CV4.

I spend my working time creating meaningful connections and maintaining authentic conversations at Import Sheet5. In my free time I contribute to open-source projects I use myself.

I am a big fan of the podcast medium for communication purposes and share my curated list of podcasts6. Or maybe you want to listen to the Degrowth Audiobook Podcast7 that I am coordinating.

If you are a research scholar, you might be interested in my co-authored publication "Culture meets Flows: The Cultural Dimension of Urban Metabolism"8 that had been cited by the German Advisory Council on Global Change in the report "Humanity on the move: Unlocking the transformative power of cities"9.






  6. You can subscribe to my collection on or via RSS.