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Contributing to a sharecular world in which resources are shared and the production cycle is closed in order to minimise environmental and social impacts, and to sustain this lovely planet for future generations.

Givebox Karlsruhe

Creating boxes to share things that you no longer need in your neighourhood.

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Effectively reducing food waste of supermarkets in Karlsruhe.

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100% Food Use

Making the Uithof campus of Utrecht University more sustainable by achieving 100% food use.

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UU Talks

Encouraging students of Utrecht University (UU) to meet on a platform, to share and discuss their visions, ideas, passions and thoughts.

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KArlternativen Stadtplan

A sustainable city map layer of Karlsruhe.

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China and MBR

An empirical analysis of the lead market potential of China for membrane bioreactors (MBR) for wastewater treatment.

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Learn German with free videos from my father Bernd Ziesche, visionary and language trainer.

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A Giant Transend II is my wheely friend to explore the world. I discovered New Zealand ›, I shared presents in Poland, Slovakia, Austria and Germany ›, I went to a Yoga TTC at the Polish Baltic Sea, crossed Germany from Frankfurt (Oder) to Karlsruhe and celebrated my bachelor thesis in France and Spain ›


Ocasionally I have some melodical inspirations with my Richwood acoustic guitar.

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I co-founded an annual student charity run in Frankfurt (Oder).

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Create collaborative to-do lists.

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Toggle Switch Recent Last Tabs

Toggle between your current and last used (focused) tab in Chrome Webrowser.

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LEO Dictionary Quick Search Pop-up

Easiest and fastest way to look-up a word in LEO dictionary in Chrome Webrowser.

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And several more

I do not feel the urge to share every period and comma here. Have a look at my blog › or search for orschiro ›

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